**This is a Matching Fundraising Effort**

The NICA Effect

100 new students riding bikes 73% of student athletes report their participation inspired family/friends to start riding bikes.

100 new student riders becomes 50 sibling riders and 50 adult riders. 100 becomes 200.

What is the value of 200 new people introduced to the life long sport of cycling.

My son raced mountain bikes in the Reno Tahoe area starting back in 2013. Back then at local events there would be if lucky 3-4 juniors lining up for the start. 4 years ago through a bid process Nevada was awarded a League from the National interscholastic Cycling Association. This past fall the Nevada League had 232 student participants, 125 volunteer coaches from 20 regional schools. 125 parents who either got back on the bike or started biking to participate as a coach with their team. And below the surface even more siblings as spouses as families began biking together and enjoying what we feel is some of the best mountain biking in America.

95% of students will continue riding the rest of their life.

We can't do this on good will alone. Without your support to get more kids on bikes our League will stagnate and so will your customer base.


Utah League started in 2013 with 275 students participating. This past fall more than 3100 students participated in the 2 Utah conference leagues.

We are only limited in our success by the level of our commitment.

Will you join us in creating the next generation of life-long cyclist and not only participate in the excitement that comes with a NICA League but benefit from its partnership.

What is the value of 100 new cyclists

Lego Assembling Skills
Lego Assembling Skills
Lego Assembling Skills
Lego Assembling Skills
Nunchuck Skills


Team commitment toward trail etiquette and stewardship


Of NICA student-athletes reported improved health and physical fitness


Of participants have a GPA of 3.1 or greater.


Will continue on to a 4-year college or university after high school.


Of student athletes report their participation inspired family/friends to start riding bikes.


Growth in the number of female student athletes participating in NICA.

NICA: The cycling industry’s savior

More girls tackling mountain biking at the high school level

N.I.C.A. - Cultivating a Love for Mountain Biking

More Than A Sport

NICA: The New Normal

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**This is a Matching Fundraising Effort**

Quality Bicycle Products (QBP) has generously offered to kick in matching donation up to $2500 to fund this need. We're 1/4 way there! If you feel this is an important function of our event programming, please contribute what you can by making a donation. Just click on the DONATE button above. The Nevada League operates under the National Interscholastic's 501(c)(3), so all contributions are fully tax deductible.